The truth about clock spider video and is this creature safe or dangerous for human being?

Spider!!! Admired by few, abhorred by most. Although they are quite small and mostly harmless to human being, spiders are the unfortunate animals that bring back a dreadful horror which has been rooted in human mind for centuries. In fact, there are several types of spider are venomous which can cause death if got bitten however, the rest are meek and completely harmless to human being. Nonetheless, this fact cannot cover the truth that spiders are the scariest nightmares to most people.

This is the reason why you, if you are a person suffer from arachnophobia, should not look for clock spider video. Even though clock spider is a truly harmless creature which is wrongly accused of thousands of enormity, they are still an unspeakable fear for many people.

clock spider video

According to legend, clock spiders have got nine legs however, regarding to a picture taken by a man witness a real clock spiders, they only have eight legs as other normal spiders. In fact these creatures’ real name is Huntsman spider or Camel spider. These creatures are in the same family named “Sparassidae” Thanks to its mode and speed of hunting, it is called Huntsman spider.

As you may know from the clock spider video, they are large, hairy with eight big eyes and flatten bodies. Similar to other normal spiders, Huntsman spider also have 8 legs although they do have 2 leg – like appendages which many people mistake them with legs.  These two appendages are sensory mechanism that help the Huntsman spider to catch prey easier are called pedipalpi. And the most important thing to note is that they are non – venomous and completely harmless for most human – being. On the other hand, they are beneficial since they mostly feed on pests like cockroaches and crickets. There are more than 1000 species has been discovered living in those regions with warm climate such as Asia, Africa and Australia as well as America and the Mediterranean Basin.

It is not always clarified that what incite Huntsman spider to bite human being, however, it is apparent that female Huntsman Spider will aggressively guard their eggs oothecal and young off perceived dangers. Mostly the bites happen due to accidental or incidental handling. And bites from Huntsman spider are not required hospital treatment therefore, you may apply some home remedies to get rid of the bite.

The symptoms of the Huntsman Spider bites include local swelling, pain, itchiness and inflammation. In more severe cases, you may experience headache, nausea, vomiting or irregular heart rate which indicate that there may have several systemic neurological effects. For these factors, you may need to see doctor to have proper diagnosis.

Here are several home remedies for spider bites

  • First thing to adopt is cold compress. By wrapping some ice cubes by a clean washcloth you have an ice bag and apply the bad on the affected area after you have wash the spot with mild soap and water. (note that do not place ice directly on the affected area)
  • Secondly, you may use salt to promote the healing process. Wash the bitten skin with warm water. And put some salt on a washcloth and bandage the washcloth on the skin for several hours. You may repeat this for a few times a day since salt has anti – inflammatory and antiseptic properties to ward off the venom.
  • Lastly, take some aspirin pills to grind them and add some water to make a paste. Apply the paste on the skin where the bites occupy. Let it sit for several hours before wash it thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the process for several times a day.

These are the natural home remedies that are always available around you and simple to follow. However, if you experience several more severe symptoms, it is highly recommended that you should see doctor for proper diagnosis as soon as possible.



clock spider video


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