Say Good Bye to Back Fat

Bulging fat is often annoying because if it happens on your back, your beautiful, favorite backless dress will be kept in wardrobe.

No surprises that the fat are usually caused by overweight and poor eating habits. However, factors such as certain medication as well as lack of regular exercises can lead to back fat too.

The amount of fat in your body is normally affected by the certain hormones such as thyroxine and insulin. These hormones are the main contributors to the fat in your body. Whereas lack of thyroxine (hypothyroidism) may cause bra flab or bulging back, shortage of insulin is also related to bulging thighs as well as love handles.

Before you dive deeper into the progress of losing weights, it is significant to know that it is not easy to focus on a specific area on the body and remove the fat. And if it is your back that you want to change, you may need to be very hard working in exercising. It will acquire full body training as well as a rigorous working out schedule. Therefore, what you should do is to concentrate on the specific muscles that cause the trouble. Combine it with your daily exercises so that you can attain your satisfaction.

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  1. Pull-ups

Pull – ups helps you to tone and sculpt the different muscles on your body especially your back muscles and your arm muscles.

How to do:

  • Grab a pull – up bar with your hands
  • Pull your elbows so that your body will pull up
  • Pull as long as your chin is higher than the bar
  • Lower down so that your arms are straight
  • Repeat the process for 5 – 7 times

You may try different types of pull – ups:

  • Usual pull – ups – Your palms are facing out and grabbing the bar. All the weight will be focused on your hands. Pull your body up and lower down till your arms are straight. Do it twice a day with 10 of pull – ups each time.
  • Negative pull – ups – Lift your body up on something and begin the pull – ups position towards the bar. In a manipulated movement, lower your body down gradually.
  1. Dumbbell Row

This exercises will help you with your arms and the upper back. It can build up the strong muscles for your arms while it also can tone your back muscles to remove static and bulging flab as well.

How to do:

  • Put one knee on a table, couch or a bench.
  • Take one light dumbbell weight (1kg to 3 kg) on one hand
  • The other hand is placed on the bench
  • Slightly move forward with your back straighten
  • Drag your arm back in a straight form, contracting your upper back and maintain your elbow beside your body.
  • Do it for 12 and switch arms and repeat the whole process again.
  • Keep doing this once on a daily basis
  1. TYI Exercises

The TYI exercise is a wonderful exercise that helps you tremendously with back fat and other muscle training. It can tone and sculpt your back.

How to do:

  • Lie on the floor with your belly facing down
  • With the help of your back, lift up your chest
  • Shift your arms up and shape into a T – position.
  • Then change into a Y – position.
  • Release again and alter into I – position while your arms are reaching out straight upon your head.
  • Do a set of 12 – 15 times once every day.

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  1. Push-ups

Push – ups which is a very popular exercise that everyone knows about. It is considered as one of the most effective ways that takes advantage of your own body weight to cut down the excessive fat and tone your back.

How to do:

  • Put yourself into a standard push – up position
  • Your hands should be placed on the floor and they should be wider than the shoulder’s width.
  • Use your back and slowly push yourself down toward the floor
  • Hold the position for 3 seconds before moving back to the original position
  • Do it in a set of 10 for several times in the morning.
  • You can increase the count once you have access to your strength
  1. Hip Twister Plank

The hip twister plank is an incredible method to sculpt not only your back but your abs also. It is able to train and tone both your upper as well as your lower back, your shoulders, quads and glutes.

How to do:

  • Start with your forearm plank position
  • Gradually lower one hip toward the floor and rotate your torso
  • Remember to put your shoulders above your elbows
  • Again, change to the other hip and repeat the process.
  • Take a small break in the middle of rotation to control your balance.
  • Do it 12 – 15 times in a set for once a day.
  1. Superman

This exercise is an incredible full body workout in order to tone your lower back muscles, glute, abs as well as shoulders and arms.

  • Stretch out with your belly facing toward the floor
  • Expand and ease your arms above the head on the grounds, palms on the ground
  • Raise your head up and adjust your shoulders and neck.
  • Slightly bend your arms and your legs.
  • Raise your limbs over the floor (about several centimeters) without drift your torso.
  • Bend and bow your back until you feel muscular tension.
  • Remain the position for 3 – 5 seconds
  • Repeat the process for 15 – 20 times on a daily basis


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