What did you know about clock spider snopes post?

Clock spider snopes post is a post included 3 pictures. The first picture is about a wall clock with four thin black and hairy legs poked out from behind the clock. The second is a creature with eight scrawny black legs, flatten bodies with full of hair and eight big black eyes which in fact is a spider. And the last picture is the zoom in view of that spider that may cause heart attack for quite many people.

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So what do you know about this type of spider? Are they safe or dangerous for human being?

In this article, we will find out the proper answer for these questions.

First of all, clock spider in fact are Huntsman Spider which is a member of a spider family named Sparassidae. Due to its mode and speed of hunting it is named Huntsman Spider. Sometimes, they can be called Giant Crab Spiders due to their size and presence. These spiders mostly live in warm regions such as Africa and Asia however, nowadays, they are recorded to spread all over the world. They have been recorded to present in America, the Mediterranean and Australia as well.

As for their appearance, they have eight giant black eyes which are divided into two different forward facing rows of four eyes each. There are considerable number of them grow into very large size. For example, in Laos, they record that there is a kind of spider that belong to this family can achieve the leg span of 25 – 30cm. Sometimes, these spiders are mistaken with Tarantula which is venomous while in fact this one is complete harmless with unique identification is their legs. Their legs which instead of jointing vertically correlated to their body, are twisted in such a way look like a crab. On their “what we call back” are inconspicuous brown or grey. Thought their legs are prominent spines, their bodies are flatten with smoothly furry.

Their favorite places are shady places or dark places such as under rocks or loosen barks on trees however, sometimes they can enter into human house as well. This well explains the reason why you may find them behind your clock, under your bed or in the toilet.

In general, these spiders are not aggressive unless they detect approaching threats to their life or their eggs and offspring. They mainly feed on insects and pest such as cockroaches and crickets therefore, some people keep them in the garden to keep the garden free from annoying pests.

If you get bitten by these types of eggs, the bites might be a little bit unfavorable with sore, inflammation and itchiness. However, these wounds will not last long since they do not produce venom to our tissue, the swelling will fade away after a few days with some simple remedies.

The symptoms of these bite may vary from mild to severe but here are several outstanding symptoms to recognize that Huntsman spider is the culprit

  • Severe sore – the bite can cause some pain and inflammation sensation due to its chelicerae that look like crab pincers
  • Local swelling – as a normal response from our body defense mechanism
  • Bleeding – depends on the size and severity of the bite, it may cause mild to serious bleeding.

If there is a bite happens to you, you might want to considerate some simple remedies to get rid of it as soon as possible.

  • Use a washcloth that have been soaked into cold water to clean the wound and dab gently on the affected area to reduce the pain and inflammation
  • Remember to accelerate the affected area to avoid further inflammation and sore caused by the bites
  • You may apply some antibiotic to the affected area to reduce pain for the wound and the surrounding area as well

Strongly recommend to see doctor when you detect nausea, headaches and vomiting.

clock spider clock spider snopes


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