The interesting facts about full grown camel spiders

Camel spider may be strange animal to many people. Let’s learn about the following interesting facts about the full grown camel spiders.

  1. Feature

Camel Spiders which is also scientifically called as Arachnid Solifugae is also known as wind scorpion. Camel spiders, along with spiders, belong to Arachnid – any small creature of the class that includes spiders, scorpions, mites and ticks.

In the Latin, the name of camel spiders means “escaping the sun” because of their night-hunting habit.

A full grown camel spider owns 6 pairs of arachnids with the variable color and size. The length of the full grown camel spider’s body is up to 15 centimeters. That they have the ability to reach a speed of 50km/h and jump up to a height of 2 meters terrifies all of animals in the desert.

Their head have similar form to scorpions, in addition, they also use teeth to make highly anti-personnel bite force. The rest of their body is similar to spider.

 full grown camel spiders

They have a habit of hunting alone and at night. They don’t use cobweb but to use sharp teeth like knives to attack insects, rodents, snakes, small birds. They secret a kind of unknown enzyme to make prey’s meal liquefy and suck into stomach. When hunting, they give strange sounds to distract enemies or preys’ attention. In spite of not having venom, they can knock out the bigger animals only by a cut because their sharp teeth make cut cervical artery’s others. If the bite is not treated timely and thoroughly, it can lead to infection, amputation or even can be fatal.

Like many spiders, full grown camel spider lay eggs under the skin of people. Some animals, such as bees can lay eggs inside the bodies of other animals, neither can spiders. Spiders often never lay eggs in places where can be dangerous for their child.

  1. The legend of camel spiders

There are many interesting story making people’s hair stand on end about the man-eating camel spiders. Maybe we will never or rarely be heard of this species if not thanks to the stories and pictures that the person has engaged in the Gulf War and Iraq carry on. It is said that there was a giant camel spider which crawled into the sleeping bag of a soldier and bited him while he was sleeping.

Basing on these story, the film producers bring creative and original images about the creatures to the audience, outstandingly Camel Spiders, established in 2011.

  1. How to treat full grown camel spiders bites

When a spider bites, it will secrete acid. This acid causes swelling, pain. You need to carry out urgently and carefully as the following steps:

Step 1: In some cases, after the full grown camel spider bites, their teeth can stick to your skin, which is prone to infection. Therefore, you should check the wound by magnifying glass, use tweezers to pick their teeth out if there.

Step 2: If the spider bites, in the emergency case, you can use saliva, toothpaste, chew a small grain of rice with effect of neutralizing acid, then apply to the affected area. Alternatively, you can wash the bite with soap and water, then rub it on the injured area with water or solution with the ability to soften the skin within 10 minutes, except that the bite is close to the eyes. If you do not have a solution to soften the skin, use ice to apply on the bite to also help somewhat. You conduct to apply alcohol or antiseptic to the bite and bandage, then closely monitor.

After about 6-8h, if the bite is just pink rash, you can treat at home by washing the wound regularly. However, you should avoid strongly brushing to feeling off the skin, causing extensive damage.

After carrying out this steps, you note: Do not touch or massage the bitten area; do not engage in any physical activity after being bitten; avoid heating cushion because the heat can make the necrosis worse; avoid steroid creams; do not suck out the venom by mouth; avoid using traditional methods such as covering green beans, glutinous rice, betel leaves, … on the wound, which can cause serious infections.

Call your doctor if: The bitten area occurs muscle spasm; the bitten area peels off or switches to purple; endless pain appear; appear more new symptoms such as injury with signs of pus should be examined immediately. The more time you take, the more easily dispersed venom, which affects health, treatment possibilities.

Hope that you can gain essential knowledge about the special animal as well as treatment in case of being bitten by the full grown camel spiders.

full grown camel spiders


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