Got simple spider bites based on spider bite pictures – Here is top 5 remedies for you

Insect bite is a normal problem and has many useful ways for treatments. And spider bite is one of the most popular kinds of this. Normally, spider bite is not dangerous and very easy to treat, however, with some special case such as black widow spider and brown recluse; your life could be threatened if untreated. Therefore, you have to recognize exactly your symptoms, and you can base on spider bite pictures to do that. Then, if your wound is not from a poisonous spider, you have many choices of remedies to deal with it. In contrary, spider bite pictures show a serious result, you also need to know how to first aid and visit your doctor immediately.

spider bite pictures

There are some usual symptoms of spider bite, such as: chills, redness, swelling, pain, and even vomiting. They will last for a few hours or a week depending on the severe of your wound. If your symptoms are serious and caused by poisonous spiders, getting medical help is compulsory. Of over 30,000 kinds of spider, the black widow is the most feared one. You can experience feelings like fever, difficult breathing, swelling, intense pain. Therefore, if you meet these symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can try remedies below for your spider bite. But remember, check spider bite pictures carefully before making up your mind.

Here are some home remedies for spider bites:

  1.   Cold compresses

Cold temperature is always good for your wound, including your spider bite. When got bitten by a spider, don’t panic and clean your wound by water and soap. Then, put an ice pack on the affected area. It can help to reduce your swelling and redness. Just put some ice cubes in a cotton towel and apply it on your wound for around 10 minutes, or leave your wound under running water directly. Repeat it as much as needed.

  1.   Salt

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties; salt is a useful remedies for your spider bite. It not only reduces the inflammatory but also promotes quick recovery. First, you need to clean your wound with warm water, and then sprinkle some salt (you can use sea salt or table salt) on a wet cloth. After that, bandage the cloth around your affected area for a couple of hours. You can re-apply it until your wound is recovered.

huntsman spider

  1.   Baking soda

The pain from spider bite is not comfortable at all so you need an ingredient to reduce it, and baking soda is your choice certainly. Its effect comes from the alkaline substance, which can relieve the venom, make you less painful and itch. First step is mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 3 teaspoons of water. Then, you put the mixture in a cotton ball and apply in on your wound for 5 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and repeat it if your discomfort still persists.

  1.   Potatoes

If fried potatoes is your favorite food, just save some when bitten by a spider. Potato is an easy and effective remedy for spider bite. Your itching and inflammation would be brought down due to anti-irritating and soothing properties in potatoes. This remedy requires you to peel a large potato and wash it then grate it. After that, you put all potato shreds in a thin cotton cloth and tie it. Next step, you clean your wound with alcohol, and put the potato poultice on it. You can leave it there until the potato becomes dry. You can discard the old poultice and clean the area with warm water. Repeat it as much as needed until your symptoms are gone.

  1.   Activated Charcoal

Another effective remedy for spider bite is activated charcoal. One of the best usages of this therapy is removing toxins from your body due to its innate absorption property. When your body is free from the toxins, your swelling and inflammation will disappear quickly. You can make a paste from activated charcoal with some water. Clean your wound thoroughly and apply it on your affected area and bandage over it. You can repeat it every few hours until your toxins was neutralized. If your discomfort continues, please see a doctor.

Here are some simple, useful home remedies for spider bite. You can apply them if your wound caused from a normal spider. Definitely, you need to consult a doctor for a severe wound from a poisonous spider. Once again, remember you symptoms from spider bite pictures to get the best option for your treatment.


spider bite pictures


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