Several lock spider pictures and how does this animal affect your life?


Clock spider pictures refer to those spiders that live behind the clock. Their actual name is Huntsman Spider or Camel Spider. These huntsman spider belongs to “Sparassidae” family. These spiders are native in Australia and usually called “Wood Spiders” in Australia because of its preference for dwelling in woody places like jungle, forest.

This type of spider is large with long legs which can spread over up to 15 centimeters. Huntsman spider are brown or grey with eight eyes. These spiders mostly have flattened bodies since they have adapted to live under narrow space such as loose bark, behind the clock and rock crevices.

Though their eyesight is not as good as other species, their vision is sufficient enough to recognize humans or other approaching large animals in a certain distance.

The Badge Huntsman spider is larger than any other types and its bite can cause the worst injury ever with local swelling, pain, inflammation and subsequently it can lead to headache, nausea as well as heart palpitations.


These kinds of spider are native in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Australia all over to the Mediterranean, Hawaii and Florida. The same thing about these regions is that all of them obtain tropical and semi – tropical climate. Grown – up huntsman do not construct webs, instead they hunt for food.

Most of them are found dwelling under loose bark on trees, in rock cervices or in logs and slabs of barks as well. Sometimes, they can enter house too, that’s why they can be found behind your clocks, in your toilet or in your bedroom which can cause heart attack for some people. Moreover, they are also blatant for creeping into cars and other shady, dark places since these place offer them a practical residence.

Their prey normally are insects and sometimes they do consume other invertebrates as well.


Generally, huntsman spiders are considered as harmless and meek and they can be occasionally considered beneficial since they live on insects. It is said that many Australians relocate Huntsman Spiders in their garden to remove insects in a natural way rather than kill those spiders).

Nonetheless, if they attack human, their bites will be quite troublesome. These bites can cause prolonged sore, inflammation which consequently lead to headache, nausea as well as irregular pulse rates. But if you treat them properly, they can fade away gradually since they cannot cause severe symptoms or unusual consequences.

The most effective way to detect a bite by Huntsman spider is to properly detect that creature which inflicted the bite. When it has already been detected that the culprit is the huntsman spider you may experience these symptoms:

  • A severe pain – the bite caused by camel spider can be extremely painful due to its chelicerae which work and look like crab pincers.
  • Swelling (inevitable) – As the bite caused by huntsman spider can lead to trauma to the surrounding area, it is inevitable that swelling will be consequence due to natural response from our body.
  • Bleeding – This relies on the size of the huntsman spider, and the intensity of the area bitten, the bite can cause mild to severe bleeding.

If you have a spider bite on your skin, you may want to look at these treatments below to get rid of swelling pain and the inflammation cause by its bites.

In several cases, you may not need to go to see doctor when you detect a spider bites, instead you can treat it at home such as in this case when the culprit is the huntsman spider, a harmless spider.

  • Prepare a clean washcloth and soak it into cold water
  • Squeeze out the excess water and apply in on the affect area
  • Gently press on the surrounding area for about 5 – 7 minutes
  • Uplift the area to lower the inflammation and swelling
  • Take an antihistamine to reduce the itchiness
  • Alternatively, you can apply some antibiotic ointment to the affected area and the surrounding tissue if blister grow.

However, it is still highly recommended that you should seek doctor’s help for these bites since they can properly diagnose and detect the symptoms and the bites.

clock spider pictures


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